Los Bandidos on Trip Advisor, always in touch with every costumer

One of the most prestigious and popular social platforms related to restaurants are Trip Advisor. Communication and digital marketing at Los Bandidos Works constantly to attend and reply every post and question, no matter what is the subject.

Trip Advisor is so popular nowadays, especially when it comes to tourism and restaurants. It is essential for any restaurant to dedicate some time to publish, reply and help with every post and every customer who writes about us. It is fundamental to read every message and reply according to every need. This is a good choice for any restaurant to grow and improve their Service.

Being aware of such a great opportunity that customers’ feedback bring, we must take advantage of this. Every client has a personal and own point of view. Every experience is a new perspective, a new goal… It’s quite clear this is a real challenge every day.

Long term, every experience published on Trip Advisor comes to build a proper vision and reality about what the restaurant is offering according to service, products and professionalism. Actually, this is about growing and maturing our philosophy, getting to know the precise concept that the audience has about the restaurant.

That’s why we write about this in our blog, encouriging every client, Friends and followers to write on Trip Advisor, giving their opinión, thoughts, feelings and experience, proposals… Every single post is important and wecome so we can manage and improve every day. Our goal, to give the best service to every client every night.

puestas… Toda aportación es bien recibida, dado que nuestra pretensión y nuestro objetivo es mejorar cada día y dar al cliente el mejor servicio posible.

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