Culinary trends: don’t miss this year’s flavors

Nowadays, in the culinary world there are many innovations that are made every day. Play with the flavors and challenge us to mix sweet with salty letting us captivate. So don’t miss out on the culinary trends this year. Learn how to eat healthier by avoiding processed dishes.

Culinary trends 2024

Back to the traditional

They return the typical meals made by grandmothers, who take us with much nostalgia to those days where the only concern was to fill the stomach. This term is called “Kitchen of nostalgia” gaining prominence among the stoves. This culinary trend wants to indicate that, by searching and mixing new flavors its mission is to transport us to the past. Stews that are perfectly prepared and worked predominate.

Adaptation to intolerances and allergies

According to a study by the Spanish Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology there is a hairpin between 1% and 3% of people who have an allergy to some type of food. That is why we restaurants are increasingly aware of avoiding any inconvenience so that our customers suffer some kind of joy in the intake of our dishes. To prevent this, stations are separated inside the kitchen. This means that far from avoiding cross-contamination of food, using different safety measures. Also the menus of restaurants are more adapted to people suffering from intolerances and allergies, breaking down the ingredients and making it clear that each dish contains.

Globalized dishes

Although grandma’s cuisine is a culinary trend this year, we should not forget that dishes from different places continue to make their way in our restaurants. In Los Bandidos, we offer classic international cuisine in Puerto Banus, this allows us to have a better gastronomic diversity. In the search for new flavors, international cuisine is noticed in Spanish restaurants, offering more diverse menus and combining different ingredients and techniques.

Healthy culinary trends

Healthy meals are marking a boom in our diet. More and more of us worry about having a healthy lifestyle away from processed foods and fast foods.


Replacing meat, there are currently many dishes based on plants and products full of protein. These foods contain mushrooms, nuts and legumes among others. Thanks to this there is a significant demand for these dishes in restaurants.

Healthy options

The implementation of healthier options is being more noticeable in terms of culinary trends. The appearance of probiotics, beverages without theine or organic ingredients are increasingly demanded at the tables of restaurants. On the other hand, the appearance of healthier options has given other types of alternatives when cooking at home. More and more recipes in air fryer are becoming popular online. Thanks to this, you can make numerous dishes in a healthy way without using oil.

Local and sustainable cuisine

Food lovers are increasingly looking for places where ingredients are grown in a more responsible and sustainable way, so that local trade is supported. From regenerative agriculture to responsible fishing, sustainable cuisine is gaining ground in both restaurants and homes.

In Los Bandidos we always seek to innovate and follow the culinary trends that make our dishes gain prominence. With several years of gastronomic experience behind us, we want our customers to enjoy a great culinary experience.

If you want to organize a special event with quality dishes, this is your restaurant. We have an extensive menu for celebrations that will not leave you indifferent. Book with us.


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