Restaurante Los Bandidos, international classic cuisine in Puerto Banús

When a restaurant achieves 32 years of success in an emblematic location, it’s reasonable to assume that there must be a good reason behind it. So many years of experience and history have certainly positioned this restaurant among the most renowned and prestigious in Marbella, and on the Costa del Sol. As a result, Los Bandidos has the privilege of being fully booked almost all year round, without the need to work with online reservation systems.

There are many restaurants nowadays that rely on new technology to attract customers. Social media, Trip Advisor, El Tenedor, Restalo, and many other online reservation platforms, on their own websites or on third-party websites; these are just some examples of the new tools that these restaurants use, and without which, they’d be lost.

In the case of Los Bandidos Restaurant, for 32 years it has operated solely and exclusively with telephone reservations, except in the case of reservations for large groups, when communication via email is required, in order to have a written record of the customer’s details and the number of people to have dinner.

This is a sign of the good health and popularity that Los Bandidos has always enjoyed in its emblematic location in Puerto Banús, alongside prestigious international firms on the waterfront of the Port, in a welcoming, elegant setting.

Another valued distinction of Los Bandidos which is also worth note: the loyalty to its international classic recipes with traditional dishes, a style true to its principles, Scandinavian, Nordic with international touches. You can access the menu in the section:

This is why Los Bandidos’ customers are loyal customers, who recognise the quality of the products, the charm of the recipes prepared with loving care by our chefs, and the unique ambiance in which the restaurant envelops us… The setting is incomparable.

Los Bandidos publishes a variety of its dishes on social media; their Facebook page, Instagram and Google My Business. In this blog you’ll also find information of interest, contact details, and, most importantly, a reminder to call 952 81 59 15 to make a reservation.

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