Los Bandidos Restaurant, high-quality service and products

If we had to highlight the key elements which have led to the current prestige that Los Bandidos Restaurant enjoys, without a doubt, it’s been the special attention given to quality, and the service provided for 32 years.

Gestures such as those of the recent Valentine’s Day, or the loyalty to its signature dishes, which have always been present since it opened, make this restaurant a unique place, with a personality of its own, which never ceases to impress its visitors throughout the year.

Tradition and quality are the cornerstones in the daily life of Los Bandidos Restaurant. Situated on the waterfront of Puerto Banús, alongside the leading international brands of fashion, jewellery and luxury, Los Bandidos has achieved such popularity that it’s only possible to book a table by phone; unlike many other restaurants where you can make reservations via their web, El Tenedor, Trip Advisor, email, etc…

From taking a look at social media this past month, some noteworthy highlights could be the lamb chops with crunchy garlic, or the chanterelle cream on toast. Both dishes are exquisite and highly demanded by the public. It could be said that they represent a classic of Los Bandidos.

Of course, all this work is a result of the perfect synchronisation between the kitchen and waiting staff. A team of experienced chefs who select the best products of the highest quality, which are then prepared with the unique, traditional, classic, lifelong recipes that characterise Los Bandidos. These dishes can then be enjoyed in the restaurant, thanks to the attention, friendliness, experience and professionalism with which the waiting staff treat all their clients…

Los Bandidos publishes a selection of their dishes on social media, their Facebook page, Instagram and Google My Business.

In this blog you will also find information of interest, contact details, and most importantly, a reminder to call 952 81 59 15 to make a reservation.

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