Los Bandidos renews its menu, while staying true to its classic international style

When a restaurant boasts over 32 years of history, it’s because it has a loyal public. Los Bandidos, always true to its classic international gastronomy, has recently introduced a few minor changes to its menu. These modifications are the result of its evolution over time, resulting from the large number of visitors who enjoy this emblematic venue in Puerto Banús all year round.

It’s often said that when something works well, it’s better to leave it alone. However, the large number of visitors over many years has provided the possibility of adapting their offer in accord with the demands of its public. For this reason, Los Bandidos Restaurant has recently made some small retouches.

A menu with an extensive range of starters, fish, meat, desserts, just as it has always been, with novel characteristics in recognition of their public, so as to cater for their needs and tastes. For those who are still not familiar with this popular, classic restaurant, situated in Puerto Banús for over 32 years, the classic international cuisine is the key element.

High quality products and service, as well as the smooth working between the kitchen team and dining room, are what allow Los Bandidos to enjoy a great influx throughout the year. Always improving thanks to effort and consistent work, the service and quality of the products, and of course, serving the public through the use of digital technology and continuous updates in their social media and the most popular online gastronomy channels.

In this way, the restaurant is constantly in touch with its public, participating in their testimonies, experiences and tastes.

Los Bandidos publishes a selection of their dishes on social media, their Facebook page, Instagram and Google My Business. In this blog you can also find relevant content, contact information and most importantly, the reminder to call 952 81 59 15 to make a reservation.

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