Champagne and Roses to celebrate Valentine’s Day at Los Bandidos

There’s one romantic night every year on which restaurants offer their best charming loving side. That is Valentine’s Day, next 14th of February and Los Bandidos, as part of its classic style will give a rose to every lady and toast with Champagne. A beautiful and intimate restaurant, front line in Puerto Banús is so special to make such an important date unforgettable…

January is when most of the restaurants think about their upcoming Valentine’s Day’s offer or proposals. Special menus, parties, surprises, live music, events… Los Bandidos is proud to be loyal to its philosophy in classic traditional style. That’s why every lady will be given a rose on Valentine’s Day and couples will toast their glasses with Champagne or Cava…

Of course, there’s a blink to Valentine’s Day anyway. In fact, no one will forget such a romantic night in one of the most popular restaurants in Puerto Banús. Front line for over 31 years and such a privileged location, make this appointment a perfect place to celebrate this event for lovers.

Experienced and profesional staff, room and kitchen, chefs and waiters, the whole team at Los Bandidos make the experience so pleasant that most of clients are loyal and keep coming in different seasons along the whole year. Who doesn’t already know Los Bandidos in Puerto Banús?

Los Bandidos is on social media and Trip Advisor so every user, client, friend will be able to keep updated, follow, read and contact the restaurant in order to give opinions, posts, rating, etc… A great experience can be shared and recommended, that’s for sure.

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